Exhibition Tiles 1m x 1m

Price AU (excl GST)
$180.00 ea
Features Specifications

Branded exhibition flooring

The ideal way to stand out from the crowd at your next exhibition or show.

High-density construction ensuring superior retention and abrasion resistance. Moth proof, mildew proof and non-allergenic. Patterned loop pile.

Locally manufactured in Australia. 

Normal delivery times are 7-10 days.

Pile fibre: 100% bcf nylon
Tile thickness: 6.50mm
Primary backing: non woven polypropylene
Secondary backing: fibreglass spun bound
Tile backing: p.v.c.
Accs reg no: 11054
Accs rating: 6 star contract extra heavy duty stairs - 4 star
Warranty: 5 years*
Critical radiant flux: result - mean 3.7kw/m2
Mean smoke development: as/iso 9239-1:2003 smoke value 311% min    

*notes: the use of chair pads is mandatory must be laid in accordance with as 2455 (1&2) due to dye variations, colours may change from samples shown.

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